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Instant new teeth? Everything you need to know about All-on-4!

The All-on-4 method not only improves the function of your teeth, but also allows you to enjoy a radiant smile immediately. This innovative and advanced medical technique is used for complete teeth replacement. At Alto Dental, we specialise in this technique. In this article, you will find out everything you want to know about the All-on-4 concept and the procedure.

The All-on-4 method: what is it?

The All-on-4 technique is a surgical solution for patients who need replacement of all their teeth, for example due to tooth loss from trauma or tooth decay. During the All-on-4 procedure, a complete, fixed bridge with 10 to 12 teeth is fixed on four implants.

The All-on-4 method is distinguished from other techniques by the angled placement of the implants at the back. This type of placement increases the distance between the implants and thus increases the bearing surface. Thanks to this placement technique, important areas such as the sinus in the upper jaw or the mandibular nerve are avoided, and the stability and firmness of the prosthesis are increased.

Why choose the All-on-4 treatment?

Thanks to the compatibility of the All-on-4 technology with the ability to place teeth immediately (“immediate loading”), clients can enjoy a (temporary) fixed denture immediately after the procedure. So you can enjoy a beautiful smile right away.

In addition, the unique angled implant placement often eliminates the need for additional bone remodelling, making the treatment more accessible to a wider audience. The technique is applicable in both the upper and lower jaw.

Whether you already wear dentures or need to have your natural teeth replaced, the All-on-4 treatment offers a predictable full denture replacement solution for almost everyone.

What to expect in the All-on-4 procedure?

Your journey starts with an initial consultation to discuss your needs, followed by a 3D scan and clinical assessment to determine your treatment options. Once you decide to start treatment, detailed measurements will be taken to ensure correct implant placement and fabrication of your new teeth.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. During the procedure, any remaining natural teeth are removed and the implants are inserted. Usually, temporary teeth are fitted to the implants immediately, so you wake up with a temporary but permanent denture.

After about three months, you will receive your permanent teeth. Of course, there is then also the possibility to make any adjustments (e.g. in shape, colour and bite).

Good aftercare after surgery and during the recovery process is important. Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene are indispensable to ensure that your implants and new teeth will last a long time. The team at Alto Dental will be happy to assist you during your recovery.


With the All-on-4 treatment, worrying about periods without teeth or less attractive teeth is a thing of the past. By combining this treatment with immediate loading technology, you will immediately enjoy a beautiful smile that will last for years!

Would you like more information or advice on choosing All-on-4 treatment? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you!

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