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Alto Dental’s team consists of implantologists, dentists, and dental technicians, all with the same mission: to provide people with new fixed teeth on implants quickly and with minimal discomfort. Because everything is performed within the same team and with our innovative digital protocol, we offer you transparent pricing and clear treatment timing.


635e3ff35f68fec0837dd242_Frank Vanhove
Frank Vanhove Surgeon

Dr. Frank Vanhove has been working as an implantologist at AZ Monica Deurne since 2003. He mainly focuses on implantology, preprosthetic surgery and the implementation of digitalisation within the clinical workflow.

‍From his surgical expertise and technological interest, he directs the immediate loading team at Deurne in their search for an efficient digital pathway for patients where the entire dental arch needs to be replaced.

Team approach, clear communication and a reliable patient experience are crucial to him in the process.

“The constant search for innovation drives our team.”

635e3ac8f95dccb8262d8756_Patrick Winderickx
Patrick Winderickx Surgeon

Dr. Patrick Winderickx obtained his doctorate in medicine from KU Leuven in 1984 and his licentiate in dentistry from KU Leuven in 1987.

This was followed by a specialisation in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany in 1991.

Since 1992 he has been working at A.Z. Monica in Deurne. He focuses on implantology, including zygoma implants and aesthetic facial surgery.

635e3e8cf95dcc08732dac98_Sten Stevens
Sten Stevens Surgeon
635e3eadc7a1a7678f722819_Didier Dielen
Didier Dielen Surgeon
635e3ec07080455a354cae05_Joyce Jonkergouw
Joyce Jonkergouw Surgeon


635e3e61bc9d9c3bd8e68b4d_Joris Wilmaers
Joris Wilmaers Dentist

Since 2002, dentist Joris Wilmaers has mainly focused on classic crown and bridge work and implant-borne prosthetics. His prosthetic expertise and drive were important ingredients in the creation of a smooth digital flow for full arch immediate loading.

In comprehensive treatments, his clinical experience and clear treatment planning often make the difference.

“Team approach is crucial for a top result.”

Jonas (1)
Jonas Peeters Dentist

Jonas Peeters graduated in 2019 with a master’s degree in dentistry.

He further specialised in prosthetic and restorative dentistry at KU Leuven. 

He completed this 4-year degree with an internship abroad in Sydney and Milan, with a focus on digital dentistry.

He focuses on implant rehabilitations, minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry and the treatment of dental abrasion.

635e405661099e05cc27d1e1_Carl Moors
Carl Moors Dentist
63ee4e70580c183361e5572f_Pieter Peeters
Pieter Peeters Dentist

Dental technicians

635e3f10708045cf234caeff_Ken Nyckees
Ken Nyckees Dental technician
image1 (2) (1)
Marie Ghyoot Dental technician
compressed_1703086480644 (1)
Allison Lecompte Dental technician


Nancy 1 (1)
Nancy Peeters Prevention assistant

After her training at HIVSET in Turnhout, Nancy has been working full-time and continuously in dental practices since 2014. She went through various positions and disciplines with renowned dentists, endodontists, and surgeons. In the preparation, prevention, and treatment of dental problems-including aesthetics, implantology, LPRF techniques, endocrinology, 4-handed dentistry, she has extensive practical experience.

She trained as a prevention assistant in the Netherlands and at the Malo Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal for maintenance treatment with implant patients.

Nancy joined Alto Dental in Kapellen mid 2023 where she is responsible for the maintenance therapy of our implant patients.

635e40f46c0ae070a560b01b_Chantal Van Akelijen
Chantal Van Akelijen Assistant


635e40dd0124f49a7ff22c75_Xavier Bekaert
Xavier Bekaert Business angel

Xavier studied sociology and economics, and worked as a financial manager in Belgium and Germany.

He then became a strategy consultant at AT Kearney and later Bain & Company, advising clients in Europe and the United States of America. In 2012, he co-founded Benthurst & Co in Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich, focusing on strategic consulting for Financial Services, Mobility, and Healthcare.

From his passion for customer experience and end-to-end process optimization, he works with Alto Dental surgeons and dental technicians to radically redesign the patient journey; from an average of 6 months to 6 hours, with higher precision as well as patient comfort.

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