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What is the importance of nutrition when healing after a dental implant? An overview!

When you have just received new dental implants, it is best to not only think about how you care for your implants, but also what you eat. After all, your choice of meals can have a significant impact on how quickly you recover and can increase the chances of successful healing. In this article, you will read some essential insights on nutrition that can aid recovery after dental implant surgery. Want to know more about what to expect during recovery after the procedure? Read this article.

Why is it best to choose soft foods?

In the period immediately following surgery, it is best to give your teeth and jaws as much rest as possible. Therefore, opt for foods that require little or no chewing. Examples include pasta, soups, smoothies, yoghurt and puréed meals. These items are not only rich in nutrients but also minimise the burden on your new implants.

What is the importance of vitamins and minerals?

During your recovery, the intake of vitamins and minerals is invaluable. Calcium contributes to the health of your bones. Calcium is found in dairy products and leafy vegetables. Vitamin D helps absorb that calcium. Vitamin D comes from sunlight and fatty fish, such as salmon. Vitamin C, found in citrus fruits and broccoli, contributes to the formation of collagen and wound healing.

Why should you drink plenty of water?

Adequate fluid intake is also essential in the recovery process. It not only contributes to your general health, but also has a positive impact on the recovery of your dental implants. Water cleanses the mouth and reduces the risk of infections. It is also best to avoid alcohol and coffee during your recovery, as these can slow down the recovery and cause staining or discolouration of your implants.

Why is it best to avoid hard and sticky snacks?

Hard or sticky foods can put unwanted pressure on the implants and cause damage. Avoid biting directly into hard fruits such as apples. Avoid nuts, chips, hard candy, and chewing gum until you have fully recovered.

Why quit smoking?

Although this advice is not directly related to nutrition, it is still very important. Smoking can seriously slow down the healing process after dental implant placement and significantly increase the risk of infection. Nicotine interferes with the blood supply to the gums, which adversely affects healing. Moreover, the waste products in cigarettes can lead to inflammation.

A healthy diet supports fast healing!

The role of a balanced diet in recovery after dental implant placement cannot be overemphasised. Choosing soft, nutritious foods and adequate hydration will not only benefit your overall health, but also the healing of your implants. Avoid hard, sticky snacks and smoking to optimise your recovery. This will allow you to enjoy your beautiful new smile faster and more comfortably!

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